NC State provides mobile answers to lawn care questions

April 12, 2012
By Bill Krueger

photoNeed some help getting your lawn in shape? NC State has an app for that.

The university’s Turfgrass Program has launched the NCSU Lawn Care app, with all sorts of information on lawn care, grasses, pests and irrigation that should be useful to homeowners and commercial landscapers.

“When you’re outdoors, whether tending your own lawn or working on a golf course, for example, our app makes it easy to access critical lawn care information right when you need it,” says Charles Peacock, professor of crop science and leader of the app project. “It also answers timely questions about situations specific to North Carolina’s transitional lawn grasses.”

The app will take advantage of  information on the Turfgrass Program’s popular TurfFiles website, and will have up-to-the-minute news alerts on issues ranging from turf pests to weather conditions.

The free app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod. An android version is in development.


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