Students say “Thank you” for contributions by alumni, friends

March 29, 2012
By Bill Krueger

Students were joined on the Brickyard today by Chancellor Randy Woodson, Mr. Wuf and others to sign a large Thank You card to show their appreciation for the alumni and friends of the university who have made contributions that help raise the quality of education at NC State.

The event was hosted by Annual Giving at NC State as a way to help students understand the importance of giving back to the university after they graduate.

thank-you-day2“Thank You Day is an exciting opportunity for NC State to thank our donors for all of their support,” says Amanda Paine with Annual Giving. “Their generosity helps NC State continue to make enhancements and transform the student experience. This day will allow us to celebrate these donors and educate the students on the importance and impact of giving back to NC State.”

In addition to signing the card, students were given a chance to win gift certificates to area merchants, enjoy Howling Cow ice cream and share a “Congratulations” cake for seniors.


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