Alums cheer for Wolfpack from San Diego State’s home turf

March 15, 2012
By Bill Krueger

Sharon Brengel, a 1973 graduate of NC State, is familiar with the team from San Diego State that the Wolfpack is facing Friday in the NCAA basketball tournament. That’s because Brengel lives in the San Diego area and used to work for San Diego State.

But there is no doubt about Brengle’s favorite team. “No divided loyalities at all — NCSU fan ALL the way!!!!” Brengel wrote in an email with us this week. “Some of my sports-minded friends do tease me a bit whenever NCSU plays a favorite team of theirs.”

Brengel says people in San Diego are excited that the Aztecs are in the NCAA tournament, and that the team’s fans have been very supportive as the team has done well in the past few years.

“I’m happy for SDSU, but so sad for them because they are going down in their game against NCSU!” Brengel wrote.

So is that Brengel’s prediction for Friday’s game? “No doubt — NCSU WILL WIN!!!!”

carolinefisk1Caroline Fisk, a 1993 graduate of NC State, also lives in San Diego. Fisk says it isn’t easy to keep up with the Wolfpack in San Diego, where she says she has only one “ACC friend.” She says the community is not into college athletics like people are in North Carolina.

Fisk says the Aztecs seem to be pretty good, but “definitely not an ACC team, though!!”

And her prediction for the game? “Wolfpack wins!!!!”


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