Today in NC State History: Sorority holds first pledge dance

March 14, 2012
By Bill Krueger

PrintWomen started to make their presence felt at NC State in the 1960s, their numbers increasing from a mere 197 students in 1961 to 2,097 by 1969.

“There were several reasons for this phenomenon, including the creation of the Bachelor of Arts degree, and the gradual erosion of prejudices against women in fields related to science and technology,” Alice Elizabeth Reagan wrote in North Carolina State University, a Narrative History.

Additionally, Chancellor John Caldwell, who had been the president of a a women’s college in Alabama, supported an increase in the number of women in the student body at NC State.

sigmakappa1In 1959, Sigma Kappa became the first national sorority to be chartered at NC State. And on this day in 1960, the Gamma Phi chapter of Sigma Kappa held their first pledge dance at the Carolina Hotel.


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