NC State librarians honored for transformative innovation

March 14, 2012
By Bill Krueger

Three librarians from NCSU Libraries have been honored for using mobile technology to help students get acquainted with the wide variety of services and sources of information available at the library.

NC State librarians Anne Burke, Adrienne Lai and Adam Rogers were the 2012 recipients of the Association of College and Research Libraries College Libraries Section Pro Quest Innovation in College Librarianship Award for their work to develop the NCSU Libraries Mobile Scavenger Hunt. The award, from the American Library Association, honors members who have “demonstrated a capacity for innovation.”

scavengerhuntRather than follow a librarian on a traditional tour of the library or read a website in a computer lab, students can use the Mobile Scavenger Hunt to interact with the library, its staff and its websites. Teams of students played a fast-paced game that required them to take photos around the library and text information back to librarians.

Casie Fedukovich, associate director of the First-Year Writing Program at NC State, said the scavenger hunt engaged her students “on a level that led to increased understanding, deeper learning and almost complete recall of important library functions.”


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