South Carolina DMV set to offer NC State specialized plate

February 20, 2012
By Chris Saunders

photoMany fans and alumni wrote emails to the Alumni Association over the last year expressing their desire that South Carolina offer a Wolfpack specialized license plate. Those fans don’t have to wait any longer as the Alumni Association has worked out a deal with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles to start offering that plate by early April.

The plates will be available on the South Carolina DMV’s website. Each will sport a red-and-white design, the famous block-S and the letters “PK” for “Pack.” (“WP” was already taken for West Point’s plates.)

The charge will be $70 for an individual to have the plate for two years, and the profits will go to the Alumni Association as revenue to promote and support the university.

The Alumni Association paid an up-front cost of $4,000 for the option to be introduced. That cost allowed the Alumni Association to expedite the process and avoid having to secure 400 orders before finalizing a deal. The Alumni Association estimates that it should make back the start-up costs after selling around 70 plates. That should be no problem with about 5,500 alumni residing in the Palmetto State.

“As soon at they print them, I’m hopefully going to send in my orders and get the first and second plates printed for my cars,” says Brian Scott, a resident of Duncan, S.C., who was raised a rabid Wolfpack fan.

Scott says he was tired of driving around and seeing the specialized plates of other schools, like Ohio State, Georgia Tech and even UNC, taunting him through his windshield.

“As soon as they make it official,” he says, “then I’ll send in my order.”


8 Responses to “South Carolina DMV set to offer NC State specialized plate”

  1. Josh says:

    Any date proposed for when order-taking will begin?

  2. Janet Scott says:

    The “Brian” referred to in the above article is my son. His dad, John Scott, is an alumni of NCSU. Both are loyal fan of State in the good and the not so good. John is looking forward to the tag coming out in early April. Thanks to Brian and State for getting this available.

  3. Bill Krueger says:

    Josh: The DMV in South Carolina will determine when the plates are available for order, but we’re told that it should be by late March or early April.

    Bill Krueger
    Senior Associate Editor
    NC State magazine/

  4. David Cardwell says:

    I’ll be ordering 3 as soon as they become available!!!!

  5. Jim says:

    SC DMV indicated that the alumni association would have the rights to the first 100 tag numbers. I would love o have one of the first, is this accurate?

  6. Adam says:

    Will there be another announcement when these become available?

  7. Bill Krueger says:

    Adam, we will post something when we know they are available. Thanks for checking.

    Bill Krueger
    NC State Alumni Association

  8. Bill Krueger says:

    The SC DMV is now taking orders.

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