NC State breaks ground on Centennial Campus Apartments

December 8, 2011
By Chris Saunders

centennial-apartments-225NC State broke ground last week on Centennial Campus for a new student housing project slated to open in fall 2013.

Centennial Campus Apartments, located across from Hunt Library, is a $129-million, 550,446 square-foot facility that will house sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students will live in apartments with one to four private bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. The capacity will be 1,195 students. There will also be a bookstore, an array of dining options and three different courtyards.

The project will also include 30 lofts that will accommodate graduate students. (Click the Centennial Campus Apartments link above to access three webcams documenting the project’s construction.)

housing_centennial_11The project arose from a 2002 task force that looked at the direction of student housing on NC State’s campus. One of the recommendations was that with the College of Engineering and the College of Textiles relocating there, Centennial Campus needed student housing. “The belief was that if it was going to be a true college campus where students could live and learn, it needed to have some basic elements,” says Tim Luckadoo, associate vice chancellor for student affairs.

Luckadoo says no state appropriations and no private money went to the project. Instead, he says housing borrowed for the project, and will pay back the loan with receipts from the apartments’ housing, dining and bookstore.

One of the major amenities at Centennial Campus Apartments will be a new living and learning village. Entrepreneurial Village will enable students to work together on developing ideas and getting them to market.

“You might get an engineering student with a marketing student with a communications student,” says Luckadoo. “They become a team. They will have activities geared toward them that deal with how you grow from an idea to a successful corporation.”

v3_final_07-13-111That village will join a movement already afoot at NC State — there are currently nine living and learning villages — in developing more learning communities. Luckadoo says that is a goal in Chancellor Randy Woodson’s strategic plan and that it is based on research that such communities help shape a positive learning experience.

“Students who live in the villages, their grades are better,” Luckadoo says. “Their retention is better. They have more awareness about the world.”


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    This blog is nice and amazing. I love your post! It’s also nice to see someone who does a lot of research and has a great knack for ting, which is pretty rare from bloggers these days.

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    when will these apartments be available

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