Campus bookstore welcomes author to discuss Dixie Classic

November 28, 2011
By Chris Saunders

bradsher-the-classic-cover-268x415It used to be that this time of year in the ACC, every fan of one of the Big Four schools — NC State, UNC, Duke and Wake Forest — was scrambling to secure a ticket to the Dixie Classic.

It was an annual tournament that was the brainchild of Wolfpack basketball coach Everett Case, and it brought a handful of nationally ranked teams to Reynolds Coliseum every Christmas season to take on the Big Four. As last week unfolded and all the tournaments wrapped up in the Bahamas, Las Vegas and Maui, Case was probably smiling down at his legacy.

Bethany Bradsher, a journalist who lives in Greenville, N.C., has captured the story of the Dixie Classic in The Classic: How Everett Case Brought Big-Time Basketball to the South. The book traces the tournament’s life, from the maneuvering Case used to make it a reality to the scandal that helped bring it to its end in 1961.

Bradsher will be at NC State Bookstores, currently located in Harrelson Hall, on Friday, Dec. 2, to discuss her book and the Dixie Classic. She’ll be appearing from 5-9 p.m.

Also, be sure to look in our Winter 2011 issue for a Q&A with Bradsher as a part of a larger look at Case’s legacy.


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