Travelers take in gardens, sunsets and … fried cod tongues?

October 10, 2011
By Bill Krueger

halifaxpublicgardens_0NC State alumni traveling with the WolfTreks cruise to New England and Canada docked in Halifax, Nova Scotia, last week. Several travelers toured the city’s Public Gardens, Canada’s only remaining Victorian garden.

Winding streams and unusual trees offered a respite from the city. Others ventured to the Citadel, a centuries-old fort in Halifax overlooking the harbor.

On Friday, the travelers went to Cape Breton Island, where some toured old coal mines that were once the region’s economic backbone.

On Saturday, it was on to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Charlottetown, in Canada’s smallest province, is akin to Philadelphia in terms of its historical significance; it was the site of the meetings that resulted in the birthplace of the confederation of provinces that is Canada.

oatcakesLocals sometimes speak with a slight Scottish accent, and the influence of early Scottish settlers can be seen in a treat served with tea: Oatcakes.

On Sunday, the Wolfpack travelers who went ashore saw the rugged coastline of Newfoundland, which claims the largest number of moose of any province in Canada.

friedcodtonguesNo moose sightings were reported, but there was a beautiful sunset off the Regatta when it pulled out of the harbor in Corner Brook Sunday evening. The vista included snow-capped mountains along with rocky peaks carved by glaciers. No word on whether anyone tried the local delicacy, fried cod tongues.

On Monday, the ship will be heading down the St. Lawrence River to French-speaking Quebec City.

— Sylvia Adcock


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