Wake County alumni have 20 events for Service Day

October 7, 2011
By Chris Saunders
Volunteers at last years Wolfpack Service Day in Wake County.

Volunteers at last year's Wolfpack Service Day in Wake County.

With National Wolfpack Service Day on the horizon, we’re talking to Alumni Association network leaders about what their respective networks are doing. We’re finding an array of activities across the country for Saturday, Oct. 15.

But Wake County Alumni Network Leader Adam Compton ’09 has lined up a wide range of opportunities in and around Raleigh, as well. We asked him about what his network has in store for its alumni.

How large is your network, and how many members will participate on National Wolfpack Service Day? It’s our largest network with, I want to say 50,000 alums living in the Wake County Area. Last year, we had about 100 sign up for National Wolfpack Service Day. We wanted to grow it, so this year we want to get it to 500 volunteers.

What’s the best thing about your network? We’re right here where it all is. We’re not that far away from home. We’re constantly able to be energized by campus and by the amazing things coming out of NC State.

Why is it important for your network to participate in NWSD? It’s a unique opportunity for networks across the country and maybe across the world one day to show the power of the Wolfpack family. That’s one of the things we’ve always done well is come together. It’s a hallmark of NC State, the amount of service we’re able to do.

What events do you have planned? Because we have so many alums living in Wake County in addition to faculty and staff living here, we really wanted to make a big push to open it up to faculty and staff and anybody out there. …We wanted opportunities that everyone could participate in. We’ve got the opportunity for people to work with NC State’s Open House. People can pick  vegetables for the Interfaith Food Shuttle.  We want to offer a wide set of opportunities for our Wolfpack family to participate in. We have exactly 20 sites.

What will alumni gain from participating in those opportunities? Every time I talk to an alum or a student or someone associated with the NC State community, they’re excited about service. It’s something I think is anchored to our land-grant mission. Our community is always willing to pitch in. We’ve done so many different things at NC State.

If you have any questions, please contact Allison Dodson at 919-515-0522 or at allison_dodson@ncsu.edu.


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