Classes cancelled due to snow? Great sledding on campus?

October 3, 2011
By Bill Krueger

snowmemories1With the weather starting to turn a bit cooler, we want to tap your memories of your days as a student at NC State for the Memories section of the winter issue of NC State magazine.

Raleigh is generally known for mild winters, but the NC State campus occasionally gets socked with a snowstorm. Sometimes that means being snowed in with no classes for days — or slogging through the mess to get to chemistry lab.

Share your memories of snow days at NC State, from an unusual snowman on the Brickyard to your favorite sledding spot. Leave your comments below or drop us a line at We’ll publish some of the comments in the winter issue of NC State magazine.


6 Responses to “Classes cancelled due to snow? Great sledding on campus?”

  1. Amy Moran Hathaway says:

    In January 2000, campus was buried in 20+ inches of snow and we were out of classes for nearly a week. Living on campus, it was amazingly fun. One day we went to the Court of Carolinas (before there were bricks walls dividing up the hill) and a group of guys were about to sled down the hill in a canoe. I was standing next to them and they said, “hey, jump on!” And I did! It was an awesome ride. We all toppled over at the bottom of the hill and laughed and then ran back up to the top again.

  2. James Izzell says:

    The best sledding spot on campus was always the Court of the Carolinas in front of the 1911 Building. I can remember scrounging around for cafeteria trays, sheets of plastic, or cardboard boxes to use as improvised sleds. I only remember classes being cancelled once while I was a student, during a big winter storm in 1986. The rumor was that it was the first time that the university had ever cancelled classes.

  3. Darcy Dye '89 says:

    During one particular snow, some classes were cancelled, some were not, so my roommate Pam Williams Steelman ’88 and I ventured out, picked up two friends, and “walked” through the BB&T drive-through on Hillsborough Street. As I recall, the teller was not amused, but we were so happy to get cash so we could go to Two Guys!

  4. Frank McGuire says:

    In 1968 or 69, there was a big storm that pretty much shut down the campus. Many dormies brought trays from the cafeteria to ride down the hills from Sullivan and Lee dorms.

  5. Amber Haigler Daughtry says:

    January 2000 snowstorm was incredible. Classes shut down for a week. One of the only place off campus to get food was Papa Johns and they only opened for like 2 hours a day. On campus the dining halls were open, but by the end of the week, I think the only thing we were served was potatoes (by the RAs since no one could get on or off campus).
    I remember waking up in Alexander Hall and looking out the window to nothing but white. I told my roommate (who was from the mountains) that it snowed like 20 inches. She called me a “city girl” and would only believe me when she took her ruler downstairs to measure. And we were both amazed how…umm…”creative” some of the snow sculptures were.
    My boyfriend lived off campus and walked in the snow to come see me. He’s now my husband (of 10 years). Any dude that will walk up hill in 20 inches of snow because “I just wanted to see you” is a total keeper!

  6. Hannah Bradley says:

    In January 1996, I received the best birthday present ever. State was covered in snow and classes were cancelled. My suite and our partners in crime (a boys suite down the hall) went sledding down the hill between Lee, Sullivan, and Bragaw dorms. What a great memory!

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