Windhover seeking creative work by NC State alumni

September 28, 2011
By Bill Krueger

Feeling creative? Looking for an opportunity to unleash the poet hidden inside you? Willing to share your artistic impulses?

Windhover, the literary and arts magazine at NC State, is reaching out to alumni to ask them to submit their creative work. Yes, they are still looking for work by students, but the editors want the magazine to reflect the creativity of the larger NC State community.

Almost any kind of creative work is welcome. “If it’s creative, and original, and your work, we’d love to see it,” the editors said in a request for submissions. The list of what they’re interested in includes architecture, digital media, painting, poetry, photography, prose and sculpture.

The deadline for submissions is Dec. 5 (although there is a “hard” deadline of Dec. 20) to be included in the 2012 edition. Submissions can be sent to For more information, visit the Windhover website.

Alumni are also invited to participate in Windhover’s 5th Annual Open Mic Night on Nov. 18 in Caldwell Lounge.


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