NC State alumni enjoy the sites during tour of Italy

September 23, 2011
By Minnie Bridgers

alumni tour in pompeii

A group of NC State alumni are traveling through Italy together as part of the Alumni Association’s WolfTreks Travel Program. The travelers are in Rome after spending four days along the Amalfi Coast. Check out photos from their adventures in the seaside towns of Amalfi, Ravello and Sorrento.

The trip’s highlights so far include visiting a 13th-century papermill in Amalfi, enjoying fresh limoncello in Sorrento, walking through Ravello’s 19th-century gardens and touring the ruined ancient city of Pompeii. After another day in Rome, the group will travel to Todi, a medieval Umbrian village.

You don’t have to be a member of the Alumni Association or an NC State alum to travel with WolfTreks. Parents, university friends and Wolfpack fans are welcome! View upcoming tours online.


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  1. Patsy Averett says:

    Barry (class of 1967) and I were fortunate and traveled to Italy with 14 other alumni members. To write that a “Portrait of Italy” was a great experience would be understating an experience of a lifetime! Amalfi was the starting point. La Mamorata Hotel is situated on a steep and rocky cliff overlooking the sea. At night the waves would crash onto the rocks creating unsurpassed beauty and sounds for sleep. This would begin 3 weeks of our trip which got better as each day passed. Perfect weather, only one day of rain, which really made our tour of Italy great we were afforded with. Thank you NCSU Alumni Assoc. and Minnie for a job well done. Let’s do it again!

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