Alum of NC State and Syracuse is happy about new ACC

September 22, 2011
By Bill Krueger

david-yontz-05With this week’s news that Syracuse and Pitt will leave the Big East Conference to join the ACC, we decided to check in with some NC State alumni who live in Syracuse and Pittsburgh to get their take on the change.

We reported earlier this week on the reaction from Pittsburgh. Today we hear from David Yontz, a 2005 NC State graduate who now lives in Syracuse after going to law school there.

Yontz was at NC State when Philip Rivers was playing football and Julius Hodge was playing basketball, so he is hooked on Wolfpack sports. He says one of his few complaints about living in Syracuse is that NC State games are rarely shown on television there.

Yontz says many Syracuse fans are not excited about the upcoming move to the ACC.

“They foster the mistaken belief that the Big East is the superior basketball conference in the nation,” Yontz wrote in an email. “I, however, am very pleased. With two elite programs now joining, the ACC will dominate more than ever before.”

As an alumnus of NC State and Syracuse, Yontz says he will get another bonus when Syracuse joins the ACC: “I can hate Duke and UNC twice as much now.”

And he looks forward to seeing the familiar red and white when the the Wolfpack comes to town once or twice a year.


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  1. RudyCarpenter says:

    Looking forward to a big year!

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