Student leaders construct wall of remembrance

September 9, 2011
By Chris Saunders

photoSam Dennis and Andy Walsh, two members of AASAP (Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program), have been instrumental this week in organizing a Sept. 11 memorial on the Brickyard.

Dennis, Walsh and other students built the memorial Wednesday. The idea is to give students a chance to write their memories of that morning and pay their respects on the red wall. Dennis says a lot of the responses so far have been about how old people were on 9/11 and their recollections of that day. The wall will be up until Sunday.

5 O'Clock Sports Bar's front window, painted by freshman Casey Daily.

5 O'Clock Sports Bar's front window, painted by freshman Casey Daily.

Student organizations are also painting storefront windows this week along Hillsborough Street with messages that memorialize that day and support U.S. troops.

“We really just want to incorporate honoring America and the people who have given their lives and how NC State has contributed to that cause,” Dennis says.

The organizations started painting in about 30 merchants’ windows Thursday. Their messages will remain up until Monday.

Both activities are designed to engage students with the 9/11 memorial service being held this Sunday at the Alumni Memorial Belltower. The service will recognize and honor all who perished on Sept. 11, 2001, and all alumni and their families who have served the nation since NC State’s founding in 1887. For more information on the service, click here.


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