Inside the Alumni Association: Price Ashe, STAT director

August 26, 2011
By Chris Saunders

inside_alum_greenPrice Ashe is one of NC State’s many great student leaders. He serves as an Alumni Association Student Ambassador and as director of STAT (Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow). Click here to hear Price and other students talk about the top ten reasons to join STAT.

A senior marketing major with a minor in film studies, Ashe dreams of directing movies one day. We asked him to reflect on his three years at NC State and on his work with the Alumni Association.

Hometown: Hendersonville

Class Year: 2012

Key to successfully kicking off the academic year: The key to starting the year off would be first of all to sit down and fill in my Google calendar. I fill it in for the whole semester, making sure I get up for my classes and making sure I study yesterday. It’s a routine you have to get back into after the summer. It’s very tempting at the beginning of the semester to sleep through your morning class, but you have to avoid that coming out of the summer.

price ashe

Price Ashe

One thing you want to accomplish during your senior year: Really get to know my professors this year. I’ve known some in the past, but not as many as I wanted to. Sit in the front seats. Make sure they know who I am.  That’s one of my goals, to have a good network.

NC State’s best asset: Academics. We have very strong academic programs in design and engineering. We’re really starting to get a strong business school.

Favorite spot on campus: The Brickyard. I kind of like to people watch. I like to sit in the Brickyard and do some homework and relax. It’s interesting that there’s so many different people at State and you get to see them there.

Best movie you saw this summer: Super 8 or Thor.

One thing that’s surprised you about NC State: How close-knit a lot of the students are. Students in one organization are spread across multiple organizations. It’s kind of like a big family. I’ve met a lot of other people. That’s not something I was expecting coming to a big school like this.

Why be involved with Student Ambassadors and STAT: It helps you get to know people. It helps you with time management. Before I joined these groups, I had too much free time. I didn’t know anyone. And it makes you feel good when you get involved.

Value of being Red &White for Life: You’ve always got this community. You’ve got this family you can rely on. If you want to mentor a student, you can mentor. You can always give back. I plan on giving annually so that I can make sure the Alumni Association Student Ambassador program is still going and so I can see students are finding new traditions.


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