Family legacies celebrated at Alumni Association lunch

August 13, 2011
By Bill Krueger

legacy luncheon 2011The summer showers that fell on NC State’s campus Saturday could do little to stop almost 800 members of the Wolfpack family from gathering at Harris Field for the 15th annual Legacy Luncheon hosted by the Alumni Association.

The event is held to welcome freshmen who are part of a larger Wolfpack family — with either a parent or grandparent who went to NC State.

And some freshmen have families with very deep roots to their Wolfpack family tree. Freshman Tyler Owens of Cary was one of two students still standing at the end of Chancellor Randy Woodson’s contest to find the students with the most alumni in their families. Owens, who will begin studying engineering at NC State when classes begin on Wednesday, says he has 26 Wolfpack alumni in his family (that is if you count cousins, too).

“It’s amazing to see how many people follow their parents and grandparents and come here,” Owens says. “It shows how exceptional NC State is.”

Owens’ grandmother, Margie Lucas, says the Wolfpack is so important to their family because her grandfather was a member of the first class to attend NC State in 1889. Since then, they’ve kept their college choice in the family.

The Owens family and other families were part of a group that saw 200 more people attend the event than in 2010, including 100 more freshmen.

legacy lunch 2011One of those freshmen, DomiNick Downing, says seeing that group up close is a great way to start the school year. “It makes you feel like you have a bigger family,” he says. “You feel like people will have your back, not just your immediate family, but the Wolfpack family, too.”

To view photos from the event, visit our Flickr page. Check out our YouTube page for videos. We’ll be posting more videos from the event later in the week.


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