An affectionate look back at the life of Baxley’s “Mama Betty”

August 8, 2011
By Bill Krueger

Ever eat at Baxley’s during your years at NC State?

If so, you might enjoy an article published today by The News & Observer about longtime Baxley’s waitress Betty Brunk, who was lovingly known as “Mama Betty” to many of the students, professors and alumni who enjoyed meals at the Hillsborough Street restaurant.

Brunk died in July, and her story was part of a regular feature in The N&O on the lives of people who have passed away.

Brunk was included in a 1989 article in the NC State alumni magazine about Baxley’s. She said then that she thought of the students who came into the restaurant as her children.

“Two of them this year came out in the rain to bring me a birthday cake,” Brunk said in the article. “And on the Friday before Mother’s Day, they brought me a carnation.”


3 Responses to “An affectionate look back at the life of Baxley’s “Mama Betty””

  1. Tom Duke says:

    Baxley’s was a State fixture on Hillsboro Street. Buffet lunches were remarkable for their quality and value. Hostesses and servers were family. I miss them but I’m happy I had a chance to have been a patron.

  2. Paul Moerman says:

    I was saddened the day I discovered a chain coffee shop had taken the space used by baxley’s. Their blue plate special was always awesome!

  3. David A. says:

    Fond memories – so many stories from an iconic place.

    circa 1991 – 1995

    Gina brought me a glass of tea with a cock-roach floating amongst the ice. When I told her about it, she took a fork and fished the roach out and then slid the tea back in front of me.

    An old lady would come in and eat off the buffet every friday. she would bring with her several plastic bags and fill them with chicken and other items off the buffet. Mr. Baxley had instructed the wait staff never to say anything to her. That one-day-buffet would feed her until the next friday.

    A Saturday morning before a game, a man comes in to the counter side with a magazine titled “Man Inches” and forcefully pages through the obsene photographs he stops and says in a loud voice with a “Benson” accent maybe English, “I’ll have a grit in a box to go!”

    I’ve got a million memories like that from 4 simple years of my life.

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