NY-based artist curates exhibit at Raleigh gallery

August 4, 2011
By Chris Saunders
Greg Lindquist with two of his paintings.

Greg Lindquist with two of his paintings.

Greg Lindquist ’03 is an artist who views painted landscapes as more than works of art. For him, they tell stories of time and place. “I’ve always felt that there’s something incredibly moving about the shapes and forms in the colors of landscapes that translate transition,” he says.

Tomorrow, the Flanders Gallery in Raleigh opens an exhibit curated by Lindquist, who now lives in Brooklyn. “After Destiny: the Contemporary American Landscape” features the work of seven artists who explore the impact of cultural, social, political and aesthetic concerns on changing American environments.

These artists, Lindquist writes in his description of the exhibit, confront American progress and draw from the motifs used by previous artists concerned with the notion of Manifest Destiny.

“I have felt it in my own paintings — oftentimes representing crumbling factories, construction sites, Western desert expanses or enigmatic objects in nature — inspiration from and affinities with these artists’ work,” he writes. “We seven artists demonstrate a plurality of media and approaches to interpreting the landscape of America and represent a diversity of gender and ethnicity. We reflect our concern for what has been forgotten, neglected or abused in our conception of physical and metaphysical topographies.”

Lindquist spends his time in New York writing art reviews, sculpting and using video. He calls some of his work “earthworks” and “landart,” using Photoshop to digitally wilt trees in landscapes before painting them.


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