Survey provides snapshot of status of new alumni

July 22, 2011
By Bill Krueger

job-imageFor many of NC State’s newest alumni, finding a job has not been easy. Many are still seeking employment or are planning to continue their education in graduate or professional school.

Many of those who have landed jobs have found them in professional, scientific or technical services areas. Others have had success finding work in finance and insurance or in manufacturing.

And the overwhelming majority of those who are finding work are not going far, with over 70 percent taking jobs in North Carolina.

Those are some of the findings of a new survey of graduating seniors conducted by NC State’s University Planning and Analysis office and the University Career Center.

The Future Plans Survey was given to 3,121 graduating seniors. A total of 1,895 participated in the survey, a response rate of 61 percent. Participation in the survey varied by college, with a high of 95 percent in the Poole College of Management and a low of 47 percent in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

When asked about their plans after graduation, 24 percent said they had accepted a position that would begin after graduation. Another 8 percent said they would continue working in a job they had prior to graduation and slightly more than 1 percent said they had started their own business. Another 4 percent said they would be working as an intern.

Meanwhile, 26 percent said they were still seeking employment and about 25 percent said they were planning to attend graduate or professional school. Slightly more than 1 percent said they planned to enter military service and another 1 percent said they had started or planned to start their own business.

Half of those who have landed a job said they only had one job offer. A more detailed breakdown of occupations found that almost 12 percent of those with jobs are in architecture or engineering, about 11 percent are in business or finance and about 10  percent are in sales or related occupations. About 9 percent are in computer or mathematical jobs.

Click here to get a more detailed look at the survey results, including results specific to each college at NC State.


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