Woodson: Budget cuts will hurt, but not cripple, NC State

July 8, 2011
By Bill Krueger

chancellor_woodson_headshot1-199x3002Chancellor Randy Woodson says a 15 percent budget cut will create pain at NC State, but will not cripple the university.

In an open letter to NC State faculty, staff and students, Woodson said some of the details of how the $80 million cut in state appropriations will impact the university won’t be known until next week or later.

But he said there will not be an additional tuition increase for the upcoming academic year beyond the 6.5 percent increase already in place. Woodson said the budget situation will require about a 7 percent cut on the academic side of the university. He said reductions on the administrative side of the university will be in the 10 percent range.

Those percentages are lower, in large part, because of efforts the university has already taken in anticipation of the cut to state appropriations, which makes up about 40 percent of the university’s total budget.

“We will move forward by thinking differently about the way we are organized and operate,” Woodson wrote. “If there is positive news in this budget environment, it’s this: the combined efforts of our organizational realignment, strategic planning and ongoing budget planning have positioned us to lessen the impact of the reduction.”

In a separate FAQ on the budget, the university says about 600 positions will be eliminated as a result of the budget cuts. But it notes that several of those positions are vacant because of hiring freezes that have been in place during the past year.

The FAQ also says that faculty teaching loads will increase and that about 1,000 class sections will be lost for the coming academic year.

Click here to read Woodson’s full letter. Click here to check out the FAQ on the budget prepared by university officials.


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