Have a question for the Chancellor? Here’s your chance.

July 6, 2011
By Bill Krueger

chancellor_woodson_headshot1-199x3001Curious about something going on at NC State? Wonder what the state budget cuts will mean for your college or favorite program at NC State? Want to know where the university is heading with its strategic plan?

Here’s a chance to pose your question to Chancellor Randy Woodson.

The editors of NC State magazine are meeting soon with Chancellor Woodson to talk about a variety of issues for the Fall edition of the magazine, but we’d like to hear what you would like to ask him.

Send your questions, along with your name and the year you graduated (or will graduate), to ncstate_editor@ncsu.edu.

We’ll pick at least one of your questions, and pose it to Chancellor Woodson. We’ll post your question and his response later in the month.

As a reminder, the last time we met with Woodson we asked him about extended tailgating hours on behalf of Sheila Jarrett Beal ’89.


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