RUAST8FN? Tell us about your Wolfpack license plate

June 28, 2011
By Bill Krueger

license_plateThey’re called vanity plates, but we think of them as another way to show your Pack pride. Legions of Wolfpack fans have personalized their license plates to let other drivers know of their affinity for NC State.

We would love to know what combination of letters, numbers and symbols you have used to show your allegiance to NC State. Share your creativity with other readers of our blog. Send us pictures if you can!


15 Responses to “RUAST8FN? Tell us about your Wolfpack license plate”

  1. Doug & Robyn Jones says:

    We have two Virginia vanity plates for State…..ST8FNS and WLVSDN…. (and that last one is wolves den…not we love sedan as some have been mistaken!)

  2. Josh N. says:

    I know the guy who currently has WOLFPACK on his license plate. He works with me and he drives a red Pontiac Soltice. And he’s a huge pack fan. Rumor is he got the plate right after Coach Amato resigned. Not sure how true that is, but I think Amato had “WOLFPACK” on his red Corvette.

  3. Thomas Sinodis says:

    ST8RX – What a coincidence, I just got my NCSU plate in the mail last week! As a Doctor of Pharmacy candidate at another RTP area university (that shall not be named) I am constantly trying to find ways to show my Wolfpack Pride. So I decided to add a NCSU license plate to the back of my car to let the world know where my true loyalties lie! GO WOLFPACK – forever and always!

  4. Kenny & Lou Anne Epperson says:

    We moved back to NC in the late 80s and immediately got personalized plates proclaiming our loyalty to our alma mater. My husband’s Wolfpack red truck proudly proclaims BKTHEPAC while my Wolfpack red car states WUFPACKR. Go pack!

  5. Craig says:

    When we lived in Las Vegas for 2 years my license plate was NCSTATE. It was great and I was proud to be a member of the Wolfpack. I tried to have my wife get Wolfpack but was unable due to the university of Nevada. When we moved back to NC I did not want to give it up, but at least now the letters are red on the NC license plate instead of blue.

  6. Elizabeth says:


  7. Ed Melton says:

    My wife wanted a new car several years ago. I allowed her to get what she wanted as long as I chose the license plate. Both her volvo and my pickup have the NC State logos offered in Virginia. Her plate is HOWL and mine is H8BLUE. Mine gets lots of pictures during football season!

  8. Chandler says:

    I have pictures that I will share through email, but my license plate is W01FP@K. Decided to get creative to show my Wolfpack pride around campus!

  9. Jeanne Barber Wilton says:

    My Virginia NCState plate consists of two numbers that are near and dear to every Wolfpacker: 74 – 83. Our distinctive plates are popping up more and more around the VA/DC metro area, and everybody always honks and waves “wolf fingers” at their fellow Packers. But my plate once caused a minor traffic accident when a Kansas Jayhawk fan rear-ended me while he was staring at it instead of noticing that traffic had come to a stop. He very sheepishly admitted to the Fairfax County police officer (who gave him a ticket) that he had just figured what the numbers meant when he ran into me.

  10. Randy Snyder says:

    My NC license plate is: WLFPKR

  11. Haywood Poole '76 and Marian Stewart Poole '77 says:

    I proudly ordered SON@NC$U four years ago when my older son, Stewart Poole ’11 entered NCSU. I am happy to report that he graduated in four years and now my younger son, Will Poole ’15 is continuing the legacy as he begins his freshman year. One out, one in. I am proud to keep the legacy alive and show my support for NCSU to everyone I pass! Maybe I’ll trade it for “DUN@NCSU” when he graduates!

  12. Sam Lytle '79 says:

    When I returned to Raleigh in 1987 I decided that my loyalty to the Pack should adorn my car. So after several custom plate requests were submitted I was granted what I feel is the term that says it all: WLFPAK#1.
    Go Pack!

  13. Jim W says:

    It’s already been mentioned by my buddy Josh, but I have ‘WOLFPACK’ in red letters on my red Saturn Sky roadster. I’ve heard the Amato story, but don’t have a way to confirm. They’ll have to pry that plate from my cold, dead hands! 😉

  14. Stacie says:

    My husband and I both graduated from NC State. He has a 1965 convertible Mustang that he has been restoring for several years. To show my support for the project, and to display our Pack Pride, I got him the specialty NC State plate that reads SIXT5.

  15. Bob P says:

    My best friend from our State days in the late sixties had a cow bell painted red with “A State Man needs no introduction”. We carried it to the games for many years. He died in 1998 at the young age of 52 and a brick in the Dail Plaza at C-F memorializes his quote.
    So I was looking for a specialty Pack plate about 5 years ago and to my surprise, STMAN was available. Now I feel like my friend is always riding with me.

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