Former NC State professor and nuclear energy pioneer dies

June 23, 2011
By Bill Krueger

murray-200Raymond Murray, professor emeritus and a pioneer of the atomic age, died Wednesday at Springmoor Retirement Community in Raleigh.

The Bulletin reports that Murray played a role in many milestones of nuclear engineering and atomic power, from the Manhattan Project to the Three Mile Island recovery.

Murray joined a new nuclear engineering program at NC State as a physics professor in 1950. He contributed to the design, construction and operation of the first university reactor.

Murray was named Burlington Professor of Physics in 1957, and headed the physics department from 1960-63 and the nuclear engineering department from 1963-74.

Murray received many honors, including the O. Max Gardner Award from the University of North Carolina system, the Arthur Holly Compton Award and the Eugene Wigner Reactor Physicist Award of the American Nuclear Society.

Check out the Bulletin for more on Murray, his life and career at NC State.


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