Friendships forged at NC State live on in beach weekends

June 10, 2011
By Bill Krueger
Lichtner and friends

Ann Lichtner and her friends at the beach. (Photo courtesy of Ann Lichtner)

Ann Lichtner and her friends felt a special connection with last night’s performance of The Dixie Swim Club at Thompson Hall about a group of Southern women who spend a long weekend at the beach every year.

That’s because Lichtner and her friends, who first met as students at NC State in the early 1970s, do the same thing.

Lichtner, who was director of intergovernmental relations in the North Carolina governor’s office before she retired two years ago, is part of a group of about 16 women who get together for a long weekend at the beach every year or every other year. They typically go to either Wilmington or Emerald Isle.

“We do a lot of eating and talking,” Lichtner says. “We sit out on the beach, go for walks. It’s a very unpretentious, laid-back group. We spend time catching up on what everyone has been doing.”

Lichtner and friends at event

Ann Lichtner and her friends at the Park Alumni Center. (Photo by Brandon Joyner)

Lichtner and seven others in the group got together last night for dinner at the Park Alumni Center and the performance at the Titmus Theatre in Thompson Hall. The event was sponosored by the Wake County Alumni Network and Arts NC State.

“We thoroughly enjoyed it,” Lichtner said. “We could see little glimpses of ourselves in the the characters the actresses played.”

The characters in the play met as members of the college swim team. Lichtner’s group met when they all lived in Carroll Residence Hall. They were also members of Sigma Kappa sorority.

“We were all friends in school at NC State,” Lichtner said.

To view photos from last night, visit our Flickr page. If you missed the The Dixie Swim Club event, we’re planning another alumni arts gathering next month. Check out our Sunday brunch and performance of NC Theatre’s Hairspray event set for July 31.


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  1. Lynell Dudley Flemi says:

    Yep, that was us! Quite a few years ago at the beach and then just last night after dinner at the Park Alumni Center. Had a blast at the play, Dixie Swim Club, finding similarities between the characters and our little band of sisters! There’s nothing like very good, long-time friends!

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