2011 Faculty Awards: Q&A with Hugh Devine

May 4, 2011
By Bill Krueger

devineThe Alumni Association will honor 18 NC State professors on Thursday for their outstanding work in the classroom, in the laboratory and in the field. We talked (via email) with some of the recipients about their work and the keys to being a successful professor.

Today we’re visiting with Hugh Devine, a professor in the Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Department. Devine is one of two faculty members honored this year as Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professors.

What is the key to being a successful teacher? To the extent I’ve had success, I would say at the graduate level the ability to display your passion for learning and experimentation. This is contagious, and when the entire group engages and contributes the results are amazing.

What gives you the greatest satisfaction as a professor? The sense of sharing the quest for knowledge with the graduate students. The process of hypothesizing, testing, evaluating and subsequently disseminating new information or techniques as a group can’t be matched. As the students progress and go on to establish their own programs the cycle is complete and that is delightful.


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