From Student Ambassador to Student Body President

April 28, 2011
By Bill Krueger

Chandler ThompsonChandler Thompson, a Student Ambassador for the Alumni Association, was recently elected the new Student Body President at NC State.

Thompson, a junior in economics from High Point, talked with us about her experience as a Student Ambassador and her plans as Student Body President:

What she’s enjoyed about being a Student Ambassador: Working at homecoming events, giving out free food in the Brickyard, and all the craziness that is the Homecoming Parade. And all the good friends I’ve made in the program.

Why she wanted to be student body president: It was an opportunity to step up as a leader. I love NC State. I grew up with a passion for the university, and I want to improve the student experience here.

On her goals as student body president: My number one priority is creating a central calendar connecting all the events on campus. I’ll also be watching the budget cuts, and looking out for student concerns.


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