Ask the Chancellor: Extended hours for tailgating?

April 26, 2011
By Bill Krueger

chancellor_woodson_headshot1-199x3001We recently asked if you had any questions for Chancellor Randy Woodson. If so, we said, we would ask it on your behalf during a recent session with the Chancellor for the next issue of NC State magazine.

Sheila Jarrett Beal ’89 told us she had a question for Chancellor Woodson: “I would like to know if the tailgating time restrictions can be revisited and extended? I recommend that you at least consider offering Wolfpack Club members, who have paid parking passes, extended tailgating hours.”

Here is what Chancellor Woodson had to say in response: “The tailgating hours have been extended recently and we’ll constantly assess whether that’s the appropriate thing or not. We’re always looking at it.”

We’ll look for other opportunities to ask questions on your behalf when we meet with NC State leaders or interview people for NC State magazine. Stay tuned.


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