NC State grad performs in NYC to help victims back home

April 20, 2011
By Bill Krueger

brooks_wardBrooks Wood ’06 makes his living in New York City these days. But he hasn’t forgotten his roots in tiny Snow Hill in Greene County.

So Wood was eager to find a way to help when tornadoes ripped through his North Carolina hometown last week, destroying the county’s middle school and several businesses. Wood says his family suffered some damage to tractors and other equipment on their tobacco farm, but they know plenty of people who suffered greater losses.

“There are people who lost houses, who had big chunks of damage,” Wood said.

Wood says the people of the area, like they did when Hurricane Floyd hit in 1999, will pull together to help each other.

“It’s Mayberry,” he said. “It’s just small-town America. Everyone is one big family.”

But Wood is in New York, so he had to be a little more creative to figure out how to lend a helping hand. He is doing it with music.

Wood performs every Wednesday night at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ in New York. He plays acoustic rock with Cameron Mitchell, another North Carolinian he met in New York.

Tonight’s performance will be a fundraiser for Greene County Interfaith, a group that is helping with the recovery effort in Greene County. Wood is confident that transplanted southerners and others will turn out to help his hometown. He expects the largest crowd ever for one of his Wednesday night performances.

“These people are in need of our help,” Wood said on a Facebook page promoting the event. “TOGETHER, WE CAN HELP THEM! I hope you can find it in your heart to spare a couple dollars for these families.”


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