NC State student seeking images of Memorial Tower

March 31, 2011
By Bill Krueger

funk_belltower5-showSamantha Rich ’09 is looking for images of Memorial Tower, and she needs your help.

Rich, a graduate student in the public history master’s program at NC State, is designing an exhibit on the Memorial Tower to be displayed in Withers Hall beginning in May. It is part of a project for an advanced museums course she is taking.

She’s asking NC State alumni to consider donating items to the exhibit. Here’s what she says she needs:

We specifically want items that have images of the Memorial Tower on them, particularly items that were made between 1960-1990. We’d be most interested in objects that are somewhat uncommon – no apparel – possibly glasses, plates, towels, bookmarks, pins, etc. The purpose of the exhibit will be to show how the Tower has changed over time as a symbol of the University. We want to show how the image of the Tower became so prominent that it was put on a variety of objects.

Rich is careful to point out that while the exhibit case will be locked, she can’t guarantee that items won’t be broken.

Rich asks that you contact her at


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