NC State ice cream may be on the move at State Fair

February 8, 2011
By Bill Krueger

For many of the people who attend the N.C. State Fair each fall, one of the most important stops is the booth selling Howling Cow Ice Cream made at NC State.

They may have to look a little harder to find it at future fairs.

State officials agreed today to a plan by the N.C. Department of Agriculture to destroy a handful of old buildings on the N.C. State Fairgrounds. State agriculture officials say the buildings, such as the one that hosts the Raleigh Jaycee Turkey Shoot, are in poor shape and beyond repair. Agriculture officials also want to improve the appearance and crowd flow at the fair.

The demolition may not happen, at least for all the buildings, in time for this year’s fair. Officials say it will happen as money, from fair receipts, becomes available.

One of the buildings that could be torn down is the Hobbies and Crafts building, where NC State’s ice cream parlor is located. Agriculture officials have not decided whether to tear down the the part of the building where the ice cream is sold.

If they do, the ice cream parlor would be moved to another location on the Fairgrounds. Along with the long lines of those waiting for a heaping bowlful.


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