Political Unrest Cancels Alumni Trip to Egypt

February 4, 2011
By Bill Krueger

ncaa_wolftreksnorw4lThe political unrest in Egypt has led to a rare occurrence at the NC State Alumni Association – the cancellation of an alumni trip.

Thirty young alumni were scheduled to leave today for a one-week trip to see Cairo, cruise the Nile and check out the Sphinx and the pyramids.

Kathy Hart, associate executive director of the association and coordinator of the Wolf Treks travel program, says some of the would-be travelers started raising questions last week about the safety of the trip.

Hart says Contiki Vacations, the company arranging the trip and providing the guides, initially assured her that conditions were safe in Egypt. But Hart continued to monitor the situation in Egypt as the week progressed. “By Friday,” she says, “many things had changed.”

“Some travelers wanted to cancel immediately; others wanted to wait to see if the situation settled down over the weekend,” Hart says.

On Friday, the NC State travelers were offered the option to cancel with a full refund, choose another destination or wait to see if things improved over the weekend. By Saturday, the unrest was growing and widespread, and Contiki decided they could no longer guarantee a safe trip. Hart says the trip was canceled.  It was the first time she has had to cancel a trip due to political unrest since she began coordinating the travel program about five years ago

“There’s no question that if there was any danger we would cancel,” Hart says. “When it escalated, we clearly made the call.”

But Wolf Treks Young Alumni Travel has several other trips coming up later this year. Destinations include Ireland, Sept. 2-10, 2011, and Italy, Nov. 11-19, 2011. To read more, visit the website at www.contiki.com/ncstatewolftreks. In fact, Contiki will be offering a webinar for the Ireland trip Wednesday, Feb. 9, at 9 p.m. EST. To register for the webinar, visit https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/750602064.


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