Chancellor Addresses Budget Cuts

January 19, 2011
By Minnie Bridgers
Photo courtesy of NC State News Services

Photo courtesy of NC State News Services

Chancellor Randy Woodson has outlined the steps NC State is taking to deal with a cut of up to $80 million in state funding. Woodson’s plan comes in advance of a potential 15 percent cut in the annual state budget allocation for the University of North Carolina system, beginning with the next fiscal year.

NC State will look into consolidating university services and academic units to reduce administrative costs, Woodson said Tuesday in a budget message to the campus community. Low-enrolled courses and academic degree programs will also be reviewed for possible elimination.

In a move to save money, UNC new system president Tom Ross has also initiated a study into how to best streamline UNC’s 16-campuses. Ross has enlisted former UNC-Charlotte Chancellor James Woodward, who served last year as NC State’s interim chancellor, to help identify academic duplications within the UNC system.

“If there are programs that are being duplicated across campuses, (we are looking at) where we can eliminate one of them and still be offering what we need to be offering and save some money,” Ross told WRAL News last Friday.

By reorganizing NC State departments to be more efficient, and consolidating UNC programs, the number of layoffs will be reduced, Woodson said.

“There is no doubt that we will lose positions with such a deep reduction in our budget. Our top three business operations expenditures are labor-related. It is not clear yet how many jobs we will lose or what areas the positions will come from. But let me quickly add that new efficiencies gained through restructuring will have the net effect of negating some of our job losses and is our best opportunity to minimize the impact on our employees,” Woodson said.

Woodson asked for a budget and business operations review to be completed by March 15.

The News & Observer, Technician, NBC17, WTVD and WRAL reported on Woodson’s budget address.


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  1. Wilma Peebles-Wilkins, '67 says:

    I am a 1967 African American graduate with a bachelor’s in sociology with minor in social work. I went on to get a master’s and doctoral degree.After 40 years in my field, I retired as Dean of the Boston University School of Social Work.

    I have experience that on doctoral-research extensive institutions programs such as social work are often targeted for elimination or merger. I just want to say that I hope the university will consider the role that social work has played in relation to the land grant and extension mission for probably ten decades. However, elimination of under enrolled classes, reduction in electives taught by adjuncts, eliminating unfilled faculty and staff slots, as well as increases in teaching loads are very effective cost-reduction strategies which do not destroy the historical contribution of social work to the land grant mission of NCSU.

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