What the Poole Gift Means to Me

December 21, 2010
By Chandler Thompson

Editor’s note: Last Friday NC State announced that  Lonnie Poole ’59 and his wife, Carol, have donated $40 million to NC State, making it the largest-ever gift to the university. The College of Management will receive $37 million and be renamed the Lonnie C. Poole Jr. College of Management. As you can see in the video of the announcement and the renaming ceremony above, among the folks participating in the activities Friday was Chandler Thompson, a junior in economics who was selected NC State’s Leader of the Pack during Homecoming 2010. She’s also a member of the Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program and has been one of four students blogging for us throughout the semester.  In her the entry below, she writes about what the Pooles’ historic gift means to NC State and to students like her.

One of the most important things for alumni to do after graduation is stay connected to the university. Being involved after graduation is something I value and look forward to. I know that my giving, no matter how little or how big, is important to NC State and the university’s endowment.

Mr. and Mrs. Poole’s generous gift is a testament to their dedication to NC State. They set a great example for supporting this university, and their support comes at a crucial time given the challenging economy. Students like me in the College of Management are lucky to now be students in the the Poole College of Management.

As I mentioned last week, this announcement makes me think of my younger brother. I used to call him my little brother, but someone pointed out I can’t say little anymore because he’s about a foot taller than me now. My brother received his acceptance letter to NC State last week, which means he is now joining me as a student in the Poole College of Management. That is very cool!

The Poole’s generous gift means a lot to my brother, me and all other students in the college. The value of all our degrees, as well as degrees of alumni of the college, will go up. All students in the Poole College of Management will see the benefits of this endowment. We will also see the business college put more focus on sustainability with the creation of a Center of Excellence in Sustainability within the Poole College of Management. I cannot even begin to imagine the other great things that will come from this gift.

On behalf of myself and all students at NC State, I want to extend another huge THANK YOU to the Pooles and all other alumni who donate to the university. The Pooles have done a great job of setting a terrific example to current students on how much it means to give back to NC State. They give me just another reason to love my school and be appreciative of the Wolfpack family. It makes me so excited, I just have to yell: GO PACK!


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  1. Anna Rzewnicki says:

    We appreciated your helping to make this real for our students by sharing your personal thoughts, Chandler .. and by serving as emcee!

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