Former Caldwell Writes Trivia Questions for Game Show

November 19, 2010
By magintern
Greg Volk '03 (Photo courtesy of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Greg Volk '03 (Photo courtesy of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences)

You might be familiar with the popular Discovery Channel show Cash Cab, which gives people cash for correctly answering trivia questions during taxi rides around New York City. What you may not know is that Greg Volk ’03 is one of the writers behind the scenes. In late June, he won his second Emmy in writing for his work with Cash Cab. A self-employed TV and comedy writer based in New York, Volk’s other credits include The Onion News Network and the Huffington Post’s

The College of Humanities and Social Science’s November alumni e-newsletter includes a profile of Volk, who was a member of the Caldwell Fellow scholarship program when he was a student at NC State. The story — written by CHASS intern Carrie McGaha, a senior in communication — traces Volk’s path from Technician writer to an internship with Late Show with David Letterman to his life as a trivia writer and provides insight into how he manages to come up with 20 questions a day for Cash Cab:

Any event, person, or place can be shaped into a question for Cash Cab, so Volk keeps a notebook by his side at all times. “Even checking my e-mail gets me wondering,” Volk said. “How long is the average e-mail? What percentage of people has never sent an e-mail? Who is considered to have sent the first e-mail? This is my life.”

Read the full story here.


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