NC State English Prof Documents Namibian Wildlife Refuge

November 8, 2010
By magintern

Animal-lover and English professor Barbara Bennett took a sabbatical to Harnas Wildlife Refuge in Namibia in 2007. There, she got hooked on caring for lions and monkeys and was intrigued by the founder, Marieta van der Marwe, who provides shelter for 400 orphaned and injured animals. A few more trips to Harnas helped Bennett amass a bundle of stories, which she turned into a book on the refuge and van der Marwe. National Geographic published Soul of a Lion late September. The Bulletin, NC State’s faculty/staff newsletter, has a story on how Bennett got involved at Harnas and put together the book.

Check out Bennett’s blog, Soul of a Lion, and read an excerpt from her book here. National Geographic has a video promo featuring an interview with van der Marwe.


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