Why I Chose My Major

October 28, 2010
By Caroline Linker

Caroline Linker is a junior communication major from Concord and is one of four students blogging for us this semester.

When someone asks me what my major is, I tell them communication. They’ll often ask, “Why?” I tell them because it’s so interesting, versatile and fun.

Since I was young, I have loved public speaking. It’s weird, I know. But my desire to interact and communicate with people led me to think about a career in communication when I was a junior in high school. As I began to look at colleges, I was torn between a media concentration and a public relations concentration. I decided to take the media route. But like many college students, I changed my mind during my first semester. I liked the fact that the public relations is so versatile: Every industry needs communicators to operate.

I could go on for days and days about why communication intrigues me, but I like this quote from self-help author Anthony Robbins: “The way we communicate with others and ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” That quote makes me want to say, “Amen!” In each communication course I take, I learn more and more about why effective communication is vital in our lives at home, at work and in our communities. I am intrigued by the relationships that humans build with each other and how those relationships determine things like how a business handles a crisis and how employee relations can affect a company’s success. People often say that communication is just “talking.” That’s only one aspect it, but it’s the one in which most people need the most improvement. It amazes me how one slip of the tongue can cost an individual a job, a reputation and respect.

When I was considering careers in high school, one thing that I looked for in each possibility was fun. I have found it in public relations. I love that every day is different. One day might be filled with press conferences, while I might write press releases the next day. I’m into all kinds of music, and I hope to be a public relations account executive at a record label when I graduate. I love the fact that with public relations, you have so many opportunities to meet new people in a variety of industries. I get so excited when I think about the opportunities I’ll have after graduation.

In high school, I thought I would never find the “perfect” career or the “perfect” school. I’ve been lucky to find both. It feels so good to feel so passionate about my future and to be at a university that enables its students to get the best education in the world, so that they can be nothing short of successful.


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