Our Teachers Make Classes Memorable

October 15, 2010
By Chandler Thompson


When I’m taking about five classes a semester there’s bound to be some that are more memorable than others. I came to NC State as a freshman in 2008 undecided about my career direction and major — so I was pretty much undecided about everything. This put me in First Year College (FYC), and that meant I had to take the Introduction to University Education class (USC 101A).

I was skeptical of this class at first. It was one credit hour, and we met once a week. Luckily, I had an awesome adviser and teacher — Ms. Melissa Simpson — who works for the FYC. She made an effort to get to know every student very well. With about 20 students, it was the smallest class I have had at State. It was very hands on. I will never forget the class because it required us to explore different majors, our personality, and take career aptitude tests.

Melissa Simpson’s class also required me to get involved on campus and attend different events from time to time. I complained about it at the time, but it had a huge impact on the student I am today. This class is part of the reason I now know I want to go into student affairs. I love what I am doing and working with students is something I want to do for a long time. I have had a few conversations about it these past few months and hope to go to graduate school at NC State or somewhere else.

I’ve had other classes that stand out through my career as well. One of them was Calculus II freshman year, I was so freaked out and intimidated by the content I wanted to drop it after one week. Next thing I knew I was acing the first test. I’m currently in Bees and Beekeeping; it is definitely the most intriguing class I have taken so far! By the end of the semester I’ll be trained to be a beekeeper if I want.

What was your most memorable class at NC State? I asked fellow students and heard many responses. An overwhelming number of current students said Social Psychology with Dr. Nacoste. Most agreed that it is often the teachers that made their memorable classes memorable.

This is also a great opportunity to talk about NC State’s new “Thank a Teacher” program. Students can now go online and give faculty special recognition. It provides you the ability to thank your teachers for making a classes memorable. It went live yesterday, so check it out, and I plan to use this sometime in the near future!


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