NCSU Graduates Hold First Alumni Event in India

October 11, 2010
By Cherry Crayton

Our Alumni Networks bring NC State alumni living across the state and nation together periodically for events to help them stay connected to the university. Now, we’re expanding our international networks. Twelve alumni living in India recently attended a lunch at the Food and Beverage restaurant in Bangalore, marking the first NC State alumni event in the country. Photos from the gathering are below:

Among those in attendance were Rahul Nawab ’98 MWPS, ’99MSM and his wife, Shruthi Dwarakanath Nawab ’00 MIE. Rahul was the Red & White for Life profile in NC State magazine’s Autumn 2010 issue, and he’s working with the Alumni Association to launch an Alumni Network in India, which will be our third international Alumni Network, along with Korea and Thailand. Read the profile on Rahul after the jump, and click here to find a network in your area.

Rahul Nawab on why he’s Red & White for Life

Rahul Nawab '98 MWPS, '99 MSM (Photo by Ajit Solanki/AP)

Rahul Nawab '98 MWPS, '99 MSM (Photo by Ajit Solanki/AP)

Name: Rahul Nawab ’98 MWPS, ’99 MSM

Hometown: Ahmedabad, India

Family: Wife, Shruthi Dwarakanath Nawab ’00 MIE; children, Arohi, 4; and Alay, 2.

Degrees: Wood and Paper Science; Management

Job: Founder of IQR Consulting, which offers web development and analytics services, and Academy for Decision Science Ahmedabad, an analytics training institute

Best Wolfpack moment: Founding and growing Maitri, a campus organization that helps students arriving directly from India to acclimate to life at NC State. “We picked up so many people from the airport,” he says.

How he’s staying Red & White for Life: Working with the NC State Alumni Association to launch an Alumni Network in India. The group will be the Association’s third international alumni network, along with Korea and Thailand. The aim is to locate alumni living in India, encourage outstanding Indian students to apply to NC State, build study-abroad opportunities in India for students and leverage the alumni relationship for networking and business. “I had a blast here. I did things I never thought I could do at NC State. I didn’t know I had the potential to start an organization,” he says. “NC State brought out the best in me and defined what I did later in life.”


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