Students Living in Shacks for a Good Cause

September 23, 2010
By Chandler Thompson

There is one week every fall where students move into the Brickyard to live in shacks and support Habitat for Humanity. For Shack-a-Thon, organizations go through a bid process to receive a plot to build a shack and the top four fundraisers from the previous year get wood provided by the Habitat chapter. Each shack must be manned at all hours during the week, and students spend that time actively raising money and awareness for affordable housing.

The most colorful shack designed and built by Teaching Fellows!

The most colorful shack designed and built by Teaching Fellows!

It’s the 20th anniversary of the event, and it just keeps getting bigger and better. “The Bubble” — University Dining’s temporary dining facility — forced a shakeup in the traditional village arrangement but organizations were able to work around it.

A student walks past shacks in the Brickyard

A student walks past shacks in the Brickyard.

The best part of this event is seeing the Brickyard alive at night. Shack-a-Thon has always occurred during one of the weeks when the first round of exams start up, and many students like myself are frequenting D.H. Hill. I love leaving the library (yes dad, I was at the library!) and walking through the mini-village in the Brickyard. Sometimes WKNC provides live music, like they are tonight. On the way to my car I stop by and talk with friends spending their night in the shack and donate my spare change.

"The White House" shack I spent time in on Tuesday.

"The White House" shack I spent time in on Tuesday.

This is a week when NC State joins together as a community to support a good cause. If you live in the Raleigh area I encourage you to stop by the Brickyard and take a look at the shacks. Students got creative this year, as you saw in the Crayola Box from the Teaching Fellows. If you aren’t able to come to campus but still want to support the cause, each shack is accepting PayPal online. Support an organization and help them earn donated wood next year.


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  1. Taylor says:

    Hey Chandler,

    As a very involved member of the NCSU Habitat chapter I thought I’d let you know that this is NCSU Habitat’s 20th year, but Shack-A-Thon was started a few years later in the mid 90s which makes it about 15 years old. Thanks for the great publicity though! We love Shack-A-Thon and love everyone else who loves it!

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