52 Things To Do Before You Graduate

September 20, 2010
By Cherry Crayton

fall2010_300pxWhen the 4,550 members of NC State’s Class of 2014 showed up for orientation this summer, they got a new deck of cards. But not just any deck of cards; this one was developed by the NC State Alumni Association’s student ambassadors, the Center for Student Leadership, Ethics & Public Service, and Student Government to give incoming students a list of 54 things they could do on campus to help them make the most out of the next four years. (Or five. Or six.)

We thought that was a great idea. So we developed a list of 52 things that we alumni are glad to have experienced, as well as some that we wish we had done, compiled with a little help from our NC State Alumni Association Facebook fans. The entirety of our list appears as the cover story in NC State magazine’s Autumn 2010 issue, which hits mailboxes soon. But, we’ve also compiled a one-page cheat sheet that you can download hereHow many NC State experiences can you check off the list? What are your memories of those experiences? What would you add to the list? Let us know by leaving a comment or sending us an e-mail at ncstate_editor@ncsu.edu.

And click here to read the 54 items on the playing cards that freshmen received during orientation and here to read the suggestions from our Facebook page fans.


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  1. Chandler says:

    My favorite story ever! Go traditions and go NC State! Thanks for doing a story on this =) Love the magazine and love the google doc!

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