A “New” Hillsborough Street

September 10, 2010
By Chandler Thompson

Learn how to navigate the new Hillsborough Street roundabouts here.

Gone are the days of jaw-jarring potholes and precariously leaning power lines. The construction on Hillsborough Street is finally finished! Phase 1 of this project started in May 2009 and finished up this month. There is nothing not to like about the improvements, and you don’t often hear about a project like this finishing ahead of schedule. These street changes are vital to NC State and will only make the college experience better for both students and alumni alike.

There are now three new roundabouts dotting Hillsborough and Oberlin streets. The two lane roundabout in front of the Bell Tower is my favorite addition. Although slightly confusing at first, it gets rid of the wait we all experienced during rush hour traffic. Don’t be intimidated, though, a few passes through and you’ll get the hang of it. We also now have the option of metered two-hour street parking during the day. Having somewhere to park along the street is very convenient for both dining and quick parking when you have to run into campus for an errand. There’s only one problem, I don’t know how to parallel park, so I just drive and cross my fingers that there will be more than one space available! Our sidewalks have gotten an overhaul as well and they are now bigger, cleaner, and pedestrian friendly.

I recently tried out the new Pita Pit, located between Dixie Trail and Bagwell Avenue, and loved it. ┬áPita Pit is a great asset to Hillsborough Street and the perfect place for students and Raleigh residents to grab something that’s quick and healthy.

Hillsborough Street staples like Two Guys, the Player’s Retreat, Mitch’s Tavern and El Rodeo are better than ever. Frazier’s reopened as a wine bar and is open from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. every day. I’ll have to give that a try when I turn 21. New additions to the Hillsborough lineup are places like David’s Dumpling and Noodle Bar and Shakedown Street.

Alumni Ambassador Mitch Abbott eating on new patio at PR's. Street improvements on Oberlin allowed for the expanded patio space.

Alumni Ambassador Mitch Abbott eating on new patio at Player's Retreat. Street improvements on Oberlin allowed for the expanded patio space.

The official street opening celebration “LIVE IT UP!” is Saturday, Sept. 25. I would love to see all students, alums, and members of the community out celebrating the opening. We need to realize how special Hillsborough Street is to the community as well as NC State. When I’m walking down Hillsborough, it’s hard for me not to picture my dad and thousands of others going crazy to celebrate the NCAA Tournament win of 1983. I hope there are more memories like that in the future because Hillsborough Street is definitely ready for it.


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