Follow Construction of the Chancellor’s Residence

September 7, 2010
By Chris Richter


The university’s new chancellor’s residence is going up right next door to the Park Alumni Center, on the shore of Lake Raleigh. It has been fascinating to watch the work on the building this summer. One day, I drove by and the lot had been cleared; the next day (or at least it seemed like the next day) the house was framed. College of Design Dean Marvin Malecha led the design effort, and the house is scheduled for completion next spring. Here, we’ve posted a current photo from the site and a picture of a model of the house.



You can follow the construction on University Communications’ blog This Red House. They’ve also done some terrific research on the history of the houses NC State presidents and chancellors have occupied. Here are some highlights from the information they’ve dug up:

  • Alexander Holladay Quarles, NC State’s first president, lived for a short while on land between Enterprise Street and Maiden Lane, where the Bell Tower Mart now stands.
  • In the early 1900s, almost all of NC State’s professors lived on Maiden Lane, near the intersection of Pullen Road and Hillsborough Street.
  • The steps on the north side of the Bell Tower were built so the university’s third president, D.H. Hill, could get from his office in Holladay Hall to his house on Maiden more easily.
  • Students called the home of President Carl Riddick “Pap’s House.”
  • The current chancellor’s residence on Hillsborough Street was completed in 1928 at a cost of $30,000.

(Photographs courtesy of NC State News Services)


6 Responses to “Follow Construction of the Chancellor’s Residence”

  1. Jinnette Hathaway says:

    I am so thrilled with this gorgeous new home for our chancellor. I am proud that we have done this on the campus and have made a beautiful home for him and his family, as well as entertaining. Go Pack!
    Jinnette Hathaway
    Class of ’77
    Spanish Language and Literature

  2. budget crisis says:

    How many classes ya gotta cut for this!?!

  3. Citizens for responsible spending says:

    Hmmm…Didn’t I just receive a “begging letter” in the mail today from the office of the chancellor that stated, please give–NC State’s appropriated budget was cut by 15% or 80 million? I don’t understand. You want me to donate money out of my tight budget so that you can build your mansion?

  4. Bill Krueger says:

    The new chancellor’s residence is being paid for by private donations given specifically for that purpose.

  5. Citizens for responsible spending says:


    Exactly. The 3 million that was donated for the chancellor’s opulent mansion could have been donated to offset the 80 million dollar shortfall. Instead the chancellor sends me a letter begging for money to make up for the 15% in cuts. You can rationalize it however you want but this ridiculous spending needs to stop. The mansion that NC State already provides the chancellor on Hillsborough Street is more expensive than 98% of the homes in this country and is more than adequate. If his expectations are to live in a home that rivals the Governer’s mansion then maybe he needs to move on.

  6. 94 & 01 alum says:

    Funny, I swear I remember NCSU having an architecture school at some point. Clearly my memory is incorrect, because no university with an architecture school would aglow such a monstrosity on its campus, much less house its chancellor in it!

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