Meet Our Student Bloggers

August 18, 2010
By Chris Richter

Meet Sam Dennis, Chandler Thompson, Matt Long and Caroline Linker. These juniors and seniors, who are all Alumni Association Student Ambassadors (Matt is president), will be blogging for us this fall, writing about student life at NC State. They’ll be sharing their thoughts on and experiences with everything from the renovated Hillsborough Street to Homecoming, from tailgating to the daily grind of classes and extracurricular commitments. Check back often to read what they have to say about life at NC State today!


Sam Dennis

Hometown: Jamestown

Class Year: 2012

Major: Biological Sciences

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to be an orthopaedic surgeon. My dream job would consist of working at a private practice here in Raleigh and being involved with Wolfpack athletics.

What’s your favorite thing about the first day of school? I love seeing the Brickyard full again. People watching is great in this area. You can pick out which students are freshman and it is fun to see older students reuniting with friends. I also enjoy walking into all of my classes for the first time. I am never as excited about getting to class as I am on the first day.

Why did you come to NC State? More than any other university NC State will allow me to reach my career goals. The science curriculum is top notch; I wanted to be a part of a special program like the Department of Biology. I also am the third son to come to NC State, so the encouragement from my brothers didn’t hurt.

What one thing should people know about NC State that they might not know already? Explore the library! There are so many resources, new technology, and software that students can use. You can check out so much stuff, for FREE! Also, always use the book stack elevators closest to Hillsborough Street; the ones nearest the Brickyard at the front are painfully slow.

Chandler Thompson

Hometown: High Pointchandler-thompson

Class Year: 2012

Major: Economics

What do you want to do when you grow up? Work in student affairs.

What’s your favorite thing about the first day of school? It’s syllabus day! Most students hate it but there’s nothing I enjoy more than planning my calendar for the whole semester.

Why did you come to NC State? I came here because of my family! My dad attended NC State and wasted no time introducing me to the campus, the academics and, of course, the sports teams. So when it came down to choosing a school, Raleigh felt like home.

What one thing should people know about NC State that they might not know already? NC State is much more than just a place for textbooks and learning; students are engaged in many areas and service is a big part of that. I take pride in the fact that events like the Krispy Kreme Challenge, Service Raleigh, Service NC State, Hoops 4 Hope, Relay for Life, Homecoming Canned Food Drive, Polar Plunge, the Chocolate Festival and so many more are the most popular events on campus. Students are committed to service and to making a difference in the community.

Matt Long

Hometown: Hickorymatt-long

Major: Finance

Class Year: 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up? A financial officer for a corporation.

What’s your favorite thing about the first day of school? I really get excited about a new semester of courses. It sounds really lame but I really enjoy meeting my new professors and scoping out how I think each of my classes is going to go that semester. I also like the idea of having a fresh start. Regardless of how good or bad you did in a previous semester, you are presented with a clean slate and can make the best of it.

Why did you come to NC State? NC State was actually not even on my radar until I began to visit colleges my senior year of high school. I knew that State was one of the top universities in North Carolina but had very limited knowledge of much more than that. Once I visited the campus, I knew that it was the place for me. It was a feeling that that I hadn’t experienced during any of my other college tours. I fell in love with the campus and was impressed by all of the opportunities that NC State offers through its lengthy list of majors and student organizations.

What one thing should people know about NC State that they might not know already? Although it’s not technically “on campus,” Global Village coffee shop on Hillsborough Street is one of my favorite places to go when I’m on campus. It is the perfect spot to meet up with friends, have an informal meeting, or to just get on your laptop . . . not to mention the coffee is amazing!

Caroline Linker

Hometown: Concordcaroline-linker

Class Year: 2012

Major: Communication

What do you want to be when you grow up? I would love to be a public relations account executive for a record label. I love all types of music, and I think that a public relations position in the music industry would allow me the opportunity to work in the profession that I enjoy and be surrounded by one of my favorite things. What’s not to love?

What is your favorite thing about the first day of school? My favorite thing about the first day of school is the excitement surrounding new class schedules, meeting new professors, and using new school supplies! The first day of school is exciting because it allows me to start a new routine. A new academic year allows for new topics to be learned and new friends to be made. I love meeting new professors, especially in smaller classes.  New professors always have different stories to tell and fresh ways to teach new concepts. And, who doesn’t love to write with new pens and the smell of new textbooks? The first day of school is the one day out of the school year that it is acceptable to be excited about using a new pack of colorful, ballpoint pens and using the first, crisp sheet of notebook paper. I am excited already!

Why did you come to NC State? I decided to come to NC State because it felt like home to me. The campus and the surrounding community were so welcoming when I visited, and I knew this was the place that I was supposed to be. I knew that by becoming a member of the Wolfpack family, I would receive the best education in the world and would be given the opportunity to develop a strong bond with my other fellow Wolfpackers — something I couldn’t find anywhere else. Coming to NC State has been the best decision of my life.  I adore NC State and the people that make this such a great place to be. There’s nothing in the world that could match my appreciation and pride for this university.

What one thing should people know about NC State that they might not know already? One thing that people should know about NC State is that this university offers some of the best professors around, especially Robert Larson. Mr. Larson is a professor within the Department of Communication and teaches public relations courses. He is extremely knowledgeable in the field of public relations and strives to assure that all of his students succeed in his classes and in their future careers. He truly cares about his students, which makes going to his classes a joy. I highly recommend taking one of his courses. You won’t regret it!


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