An Electric-Vehicle Research Chalk Talk

July 28, 2010
By Chris Richter

D.L. Anderson, a photographer for The Independent Weekly, created this very cool video featuring an interview on electric-vehicle research with alumnus Ewan Pritchard ’97, ’04 MS, who’s a program manager at NC State’s Advanced Transportation Energy Center. It’s a fascinating interview (that was part of an IndyWeek cover story a couple of weeks ago), and Anderson explains why he took the approach he did to illustrate the piece:

How would I illustrate abstract ideas about batteries not so easily filmed? I thought about Bill Nye The Science Guy and all those great Radio Lab shows. Both of those programs manage to turn complex science into engaging entertainment. Knowing that we didn’t have a budget for graphics I found some sidewalk chalk and remembered that any video project worth doing will always be a time-intensive affair — having fun and learning something about doing it better next time is all the reason you need.


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