“The Art in Science” Exhibit Catches Eye of NPR

July 8, 2010
By Cherry Crayton
(Illustration courtesy of Guild of National Science Illustrators)

(Illustration courtesy of Guild of National Science Illustrators)

In a post over at the Sci-Art blog, which lives on NPR’s “Science Friday” website, producer Katherine Wells asks you to think back to your elementary school days. Remember the science books? Remember those drawings that helped illustrate science concepts? It turns out there are a ton of folks who specialize in science illustrations; and in 1968, a group of them who worked at the Smithsonian Institution founded the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. What does this have to do with NC State?

The works of members of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators are on display in NCSU Libraries’ Special Collection Exhibit Gallery from now through the first week of August. If you’re on or near campus, head out to D.H. Hill Library to check out the exhibit, “The Art in Science.” (Details here.) If you can’t make it this way, view some of the illustrations in the slideshow below:


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