New Student Media Production Assistant Talks Technician

July 6, 2010
By Chris Richter


We’ve posted about Technician‘s challenging spring here before, and we wrote about it in the summer issue of NC State magazine. On his blog yesterday, Andy Bechtel, a journalism professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, posted a Q&A with Tyler Dukes ’08 about his new job as a production assistant with NC State Student Media. His responsibilities will include helping the students who staff Technician. Dukes talked to Bechtel about what the work looks like:

I essentially work for the students, and their needs change day to day. In the last two weeks, I’ve done everything from helping brainstorm coverage ideas and working one-on-one with reporters on stories to teaching AP style and good design principles.

Once class starts in the fall, my schedule will become a little more routine — but not by much. I’ll be here at night while students are working hands-on with the next day’s edition. I’m also committed to getting them out of the deadline environment for an hour or so each week to work on honing their skills, whether it’s with me or other local media professionals and Technician alumni.

It’s important to point out that my role is to support students and empower them to make their own decisions, because the content of these publications is determined solely by the student editors. My most important job is to make sure this staff learns from their successes as well as their failures.

Dukes is a former web producer for News 14 Carolina. You can check out his blog here and follow him on Twitter at @mtdukes.


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