Images, Video from the Constructed Facilities Lab

June 17, 2010
By Chris Richter

The Constructed Facilitles Lab is probably one of the more interesting (if not well-known) labs on campus. At this Centennial Campus building, students and researchers test full-size building, bridge and road parts. Companies that need to know how well their new building, product or bridge design will withstand weather, traffic or even earthquakes come here. We wrote about the CFL in the summer issue of NC State magazine and talked to its director and the lab manager about putting parts through the ringer:

“We tend to overload the structure here so we can be confident in the designs,” says Greg Lucier ’04, ’06 MS, a doctoral student and lab manager at CFL. “In almost all cases, we’ll take things all the way to failure.”

The steel bars the like ones in the beam above were used in the foundation of the Freedom Tower in New York City. You can watch a beam tested to failure in the video below:


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