Revisiting the Plaque from Iran

May 10, 2010
By Chris Richter

Last summer, we posted as a Photo of the Day an image from 1966 of Harry Kelly, then the dean of faculty, with a copper plaque featuring the chancellor’s seal. An Iranian alumnus had given the plaque as a gift to Chancellor John T. Caldwell. Readers on our blog and Facebook page were curious about its current whereabouts. After a little legwork, we found out that it was hanging in Primrose Hall, one of the oldest buildings on campus, and we snapped this photo:


Fast foward to this weekend. Rafi Javid ’57, the alumnus who gave the plaque, ran across our Photo of the Day and sent us this comment:

I, Rafi Javid, am the one who presented the plaque to the Chancellor Caldwell in 1966, when I visited the N.C. State for the first time after my graduation in 1957. I was on a business trip to the U. S. and I thought it would be a very small token of my appreciation for what this school offered me and taught me for my future life. Mr. Caldwell was very kind and invited me to a very nice luncheon with the members of Dormitory Council and Student Advisers, where I presented the plaque.

Two to three years later, when I came back to the U.S. and visited the school, the plaque was still hanging on the wall of the Chancellor’s office. I really would like to know where it is now.

I had the seal of the N.C. State to be enlarged and took to Isfahan, (Iran) to be engraved by the most well known artist on copper and then silver plated. The artist put my name and my graduation date at the lower part of the plaque. I am so glad I did so!!

Thank you for the beautiful gift and for sharing your story, Mr. Javid.


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  2. m.zolfaghari says:

    dear sir

    i like to comment about mr javid i moezedin(moe zolfaghari was the first iranian ever was student in n.c.s. registered at the school of textile on january first IN1950 AND GRADUATED IN 1954 worked in reaserch dept.for another 18 month. after 2 years in school mr javid was the second iranian came to n.c.s. and a year after my brother mozafar zolfaghari came to n.c.s.. later on when i came back to iran i send encouraged many iranian to come to n.c.s. so i am the first iranian allummni from n.c.s. my years in n.c.s. is the best memori of mine .we 3 still see each other and talk about good old years i am 86 now and hope to be able to visit n.c.s some time. my best wishes for all faculty and best regards m.zolfaghari

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