Happy Birthday Colonel Clifton!

April 23, 2010
By Cherry Crayton

We received an e-mail this week from David Clifton that included a link to the above video that features his father, Colonel David Clifton ’48, singing “The Last Farewell.” A pilot in World War II who served in the 303rd Bomb Group, Colonel Clifton will turn 90 years old on May 3. And according to his son, he’s “always secretly wanted to perform on the ‘big stage.’” So the younger Clifton put his father on YouTube, and the goal is to have more than 1,000 views of the video before May 3. “What we want to be able to show him on his birthday is that he is now ‘famous,’” the younger Clifton says. So let’s help: Watch the video, which features Colonel Clifton singing “The Last Farewell” interspersed with images of B-17s and two of the combat missions he participated in.

Oh, and you can learn about other NC State alumni who have served in the military in our special Web feature: www.alumni.ncsu.edu/military/


One Response to “Happy Birthday Colonel Clifton!”

  1. rcude07 says:

    Being an avid R/C pilot. I posted this video on one of the many R/C forums out there in an effort to get additional views.

    From those of us in this hobby, thank you sir for your service. We are in debt to you and your generation.

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